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Degree Free Jobs Are Growing In Popularity With Employers

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There is a growing trend among United States companies to remove the need for a college degree for some jobs. A focus on alternate education and experience seems to be a more appreciated option.

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Blue Collar Sheroes: Historical Women Who Defied Expectations

Historically women have played a big part in blue collar jobs. Learn more about these “sheroes” and how they impact our lives today!

College is not the only path to success.

Blue Collar Brain exists to inspire teens, parents, and career-changers to explore blue collar career opportunities and live their best blue collar life.

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Aircraft Mechanic

Median Salary: $65,380
Certifications: Required
Career Outlook: 12% growth through 2030

Elevator Mechanic

Median Salary: $97,860
Certifications: License Required
Career Outlook: 3% growth through 2031

Wind Turbine Technician

Median Salary: $56,260
Certifications: Recommended
Career Outlook: 44% growth through 2031

Watch Repairer/Horologist

Median Salary: $44,250
Certifications: Recommended
Career Outlook:
Our career guides are filled with insights into each skilled trade career! From salaries to educational requirements, you will have all you need to make a career choice you will love. Be sure to view our list of trades to get even more ideas!
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