Why we’re here.

The truth is, college isn’t for everyone – another truth is, opportunity abounds for those who decide not to attend college.

We’re here to provide you with information and resources for jobs that don’t require a 4-year degree.

We’ll go out on a limb and say that if you are reading this – you like puzzles, you like to know how things work, as a kid you probably took things apart (and sometimes put them back together).

You can probably fix many things and people probably ask for your help, and you enjoy helping.

This may have had you thinking, I want more than a job and I want to work with my hands. Maybe you want a career but are not cut out for college and know a cubicle isn’t for you – so what do you do?

We are here to show you that you have so many amazing options!

What If We Told You That Your Hobby Could Be A Career?

  • Like fast cars, how about a career as a Driving Instructor?
  • Enjoy Creating things, how about a career as a Welder or a Carpenter?
  • Love the ocean? Become a Professional Fisherman!

The comparisons go on and on.

Make no mistake, education is important but it’s the right education, it’s the education that’s right for you that’s most important. A four-year degree may not be for you for many reasons, but trade school is a viable solution that could lead to a stable and comfortable income.

To borrow a line from the movie The Incredibles – “luck favors the prepared”, so get ready.

Our mission here at Blue Collar Brain is to help you find what works for you and to expose you to some careers that you may not have otherwise considered. Our ultimate goal is that you find success in whatever career path you choose.

Who Are We?

Well, let’s just say we are a couple that has been pretty successful without college.

Below you can learn about Jill, the co-founder – but her partner in crime has to stay behind the scenes just a bit longer due to his employment! We will be sharing his blue collar story soon!

Jill Caren

Jill is what was called a “job-hopper” back in the day before it was acceptable. After learning her parents would not help her attend college, she was lost and confused. She took a job at WaWa – and moved up the ladder quickly to become a store manager at just 19 years of age.

Upon leaving there for personal reasons, she did various dead-end jobs including marketing for a security company and an admin at a tire company. Then she landed a job as a contractor for BMW of North America as an assistant event planner. This led her to a career in marketing for the next several years.

Once her daughter was born, she left corporate and opened a photography studio. In her last career move – she decided to get into web design and SEO, which is what she continues to do to this day!

The moral of Jill’s story – you may change paths a few times before you find what you love – and that is OK.

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That is what prompted us to start Blue Collar Brain! To help others who may be a little lost find some opportunities and inspiration through interviews, stories, career guides, and more.

Our goal is to be champions for skilled trade careers and be a resource to help you find a path you will love!