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Launched in 2021, helps students and adults find careers in the trade industry. We currently offer high-quality educational content including our career guides that are viewed by over 1,000 unique visitors a month.

Our free guides and articles attract those looking for a career change which offers potential advertisers a great opportunity to reach a focused audience.

The advertising rates below are our launch rates and opportunities and will be locked in through December 31, 2021. Now is a great time to position yourself as a partner and supporter!

Advertising Options

Build awareness for your brand and encourage readers to take action to learn more Blue Collar Brain currently offers the following advertising opportunities.

Sponsored Articles: Engage with our readers at a deeper level and educate them as to how your brand, school or business can help them achieve their goals for a new trade career. Sponsored content will be placed in our articles section as a resource and can include tutorials, case studies, interviews or course outlines. It will be approximately 1,500 words in length, shared on social media and remain on our home page for 30 days.


Sponsored Careers: Our career guides are the focus of what we do! If you are a career focused brand, then being seen on our career guides is a great way to get targeted interest. Career sponsors will receive a sticky footer ad on their selected career page for 30 days.

SPECIAL LAUNCH RATE: $50 per month

For maximum exposure, we encourage you to combine a sponsored article and career into one campaign. This will deliver your educational content and branding to make it easier to encourage visitors to contact you.

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