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Electrician Schools In Alabama

Alabama electrician jobs are plentiful, and the licenses are handled through the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board.

Just as in most states, you can follow a path in becoming an electrician that starts with being an apprentice, then growing to a journeyman, and then on to a contractor.

Apprentices will typically undergo a combination of classroom education and may spend approximately 3-5 years apprenticing under an experienced electrician.

You can find apprentice opportunities through local organizations like the Central Alabama Chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors. Some electrical schools may also assist you in finding opportunities.

Alabama Electrician Schools Near Me

Below are some of the best electrician schools in Alabama that are closest to you.

Please be sure to contact the schools that interest you the most! Contacting them personally is a great way to see if they are a good fit, and will offer you the support you need to succeed.

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Alabama Electrian Salaries

Generally, an electrician salary in Alabama will be a bit lower than the median wages for electricians across the United States.

If moving is an option, it may be worth it to get those higher wages.

State Median Annual Salary:
State Median Hourly Salary

Different parts of Alabama may have drastically different salaries. This can be due to some parts being more urban, meaning there will be more need for electricians than in those rural areas. There may also be more commercial work opportunities which can typically pay higher wages as well.

Below are the median wages for some of the cities in Alabama.

Choosing An Electrician School In Alabama

When choosing an electrical school, you want to be sure it is a good match and that you can find the resources to pay for it.

Every school is so different, so do not just jump in without reaching out to them. Give them a call and ask lots of questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

As we receive questions about this topic, we will add them here so you can get even more great information to help you select a school + trade career.

How long does it take to become an electrician in Alabama?

It will take approximately 3-5 years to become an electrician in Alabama. Attending a trade program can have you working in about three years, while doing an apprenticeship and classroom instruction may take closer to four or five years.

Do electricians require a license in Alabama?

Electrical journeymen and contractors are required to be licensed by the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board. Apprentices do not require one until they are ready to go out on their own.

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