Wonder What It Takes To Become A Lamborghini Mechanic?

Jill Caren
By Jill Caren
Updated December 17th, 2023

Working on a Lamborghini is not a job for the faint of heart!

When you are working on cars that typically start at $200,000 you can expect the work that goes on behind the scenes needs to be pretty perfect.

So, how does one become a Lamborghini mechanic?

Or maybe you want to know how to become a supercar mechanic?

Well, it is part skill, part hard work, and part luck.

Whether you want to work for Lamborghini or some other supercar brand, the steps will be pretty close to what is listed here.

As you can imagine, this elite brand does not have a ton of job openings like normal automotive technician positions. They have a limited number of dealers so jobs are going to be limited and only in higher-end areas.

When there are openings, they are looking for the best of the best. Their powerful machines are not like working on your Ford in the driveway!

Mechanical careers will typically fall under what is called consumer services careers which are great for those that love helping people.

lamborghini mechanic careers

Becoming A Lamborghini Mechanic

Like most jobs, you will need a high school diploma or a GED to become a mechanic for Lamborghini.

The good news is there are no special educational requirements to work with Lamborghini. While we do highly recommend you attend an automotive vocational program to help you gain some basic knowledge, it is not necessary.

A huge passion for all things automotive and hands-on experience are more important!

Oh, and being an exceptional employee will get you far in life too.

Having automotive certifications in other brands, preferably high-level brands like Audi or Mercedes might help your chances of landing a job though. Once you are hired by a Lamborghini dealer, you might be required to work as an apprentice under a certified Lambo technician until they feel you are ready to go it alone.

Once you work for the company you will then attend classes within the company to improve your skills and knowledge and you can move into a Master Technician level job.

Typical Qualifications Needed

We reviewed many jobs that were listed with various Lamborghini dealers and below are the most common qualifications needed to apply for the job.

  • Valid driver license
  • Clean driving record
  • High school graduate GED
  • Good reading and comprehension
  • Team player
  • Computer skills
  • Must have own OSHA footwear
  • Must have own tools
  • Ability to learn new technologies

Some dealers were specifically looking for technicians with 5+ years of service technician experience. So, starting at a local dealership for a few years is a great way to get started with them.

It’s All In Who You Know!

Networking in the automotive community can help incredibly when it comes to landing a job. Even more so in the auto industry. While you can of course sift through the online job boards, the best way to get in the door with any job is through the people you know.

Some Lambo technicians landed their jobs because they made connections with others in the industry. Those connections might move around and invite you to wherever they work if you are a great employee!

One technician for Lambo working in California landed his dream job this way. You can read his story on Reddit and see some suggestions he made to land this gig.

Typical Responsibilities For A Lambo Mechanic

Below are some of the expectations from a mechanic. This job is not without pressure! You will be dealing with very rich people who are very picky and require perfection, so makes sure you have the patience and perfectionist attitude to make them happy.

  • Review repair orders and perform work as needed.
  • Perform all work to dealer standards in the most efficient way possible.
  • Test systems using a variety of tools and equipment
  • Maintain, repair, and diagnose issues with the engine, transmission, brakes, and more.
  • Report status and recommendations to the service advisor so they can contact customers with additional details about their car.
  • Warranty repairs.

How Much Do Lamborghini Mechanics Make?

One of the best parts of a Lamborghini career is the benefits. Salaries are important, but the benefits can really make a package that much better.

At the time of the writing (2022) we found the following salary ranges for jobs listed publically:

  • Chicago, IL: $60K-$190K annually with a $5K sign-on bonus
  • San Diego, CA: starting at $40 per hour
  • Sarasota, FL: Up to $42 per hour flat rate
  • Irvine, CA: $65K-$99K annually
  • Paramus, NJ: $71K-90K annually

As you can see the pay is very good! The more skills you gain and the longer you work in the field the more you can earn.

Keep in mind, there are currently only 39 Lamborghini dealer locations you can work at. So, if you really want a job with them, moving might be required.

There are also great benefits, the most common being:

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision
  • 401K With Company Match
  • Paid Time Off and Vacation
  • Paid Training
  • Vendor Discounts
  • 529 College Savings

So, go ahead and get out there and give it a shot! You can check sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter to find the most current opportunities with Lamborghini dealers all over the country.

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