Empowering Career Books for Girls

Let's show girls they can be anything they want with these skilled trade focused career books just for girls.

Jill Caren
By Jill Caren
Updated December 17th, 2023

In today’s world we are encouraging girls to be whatever they want to be. Princess, race car driver, inventor, welder, or even a commercial diver. The options are endless as shown in these career books just for young girls.

It has been shown that most girls will start really thinking about their futures in middle school. While they may not be talking to you about these things, they may be thinking about. This is why it is important to make girls aware of all the opportunities for them at a young age

The books below are all inspiring books based on characters that are doing jobs in male-dominated industries. Some are true “shero” stories, some are make believe – but all these books can inspire young girls to think about the future in new ways.

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Career Exploration Books For Girls

This list features books for girls of all ages.

Some are illustrative stories, others are biographies – but all are meant to inspire and entertain. So let’s dive in and see all the amazing girl power going on in male-dominated industries!

Blast Off: The True Story of Mary Sherman Morgan

blasat off book, a story about mary sherman morgan

Mary Morgan was a real rocket scientist and overcame many barriers to make a name for herself.

Mary worked hard to go from dirt poor to infamy as the world’s first female rocket scientist.

Her claim to fame was the creation of fuel that would launch a rocket into space. Her opportunity was given to her over her male counterparts.

We cannot think of a more inspiring story for young female change-makers in the making!

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Princess Peenie: Build Like A Princess

princess peenie builds

Her dad (aka “the king”) never wanted his daughter to go into a skilled trade.

But his daughter Princess Peenie had a different plan.

She knew she had a gift for construction and building and wanted to use her gift. She ultimately became well known for creating some of the most beautiful buildings in the kingdom.

Let Princess Peenie take your daughter on a journey into construction. They will learn about the tools she uses and skills needed to build cool things. She will also inspire girls to be whatever they want to be!

But, Princess Peenie is not going to stop doing what she loves. Instead, she will take young kids on a journey of the skills, and tools she uses and help girls learn they can do ANYTHING!

The illustrated book was inspired by his daughter and written by Mark Rason.

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My Mom Is A Construction Manager

my mom is a construction manager book cover

Written by a real life construction professional, My Mom Is A Construction Manager will inspire little builders and creators.

Akilah W. Darden owns the Darden Group, LLC, a construction management company. She created a book to inpire other kids to follow her path and is written from the perspective of her real life children.

Through their eyes your daughter will see what the day of working on a construction site may be like.

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Willow Discovers Welding

willow discovers welding book cover

Let Willow take your daughter on a journey through the world of welding.

Your daughter can learn how to become a welder, tools that are needed, and what opportunities there are in this amazing career.

Kelli N. Gilliam is the author and was inspired to write the book based on the questions her own daughter was asking about welding.

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When I Grow Up

Authored by Rae Ripple, who is a real life welder, this book will excite and delight little girls.

when i grow up book cover

It features the story of a young girl who is asked a question by a teacher that changes her outlook on her future.

When she goes to the library to do some research, she runs into a real life female welder. It is at that moment she realized that she too can grow up to become a welder.

When I grow up features illustrations by Rae’s son and realistic images among the drawings to create a fun and whimsical look.

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Supply Jane Clears The Way

supply jane clears the way book cove

Every day we buy things, but no one really gives thought to exactly how those products get there.

The supply chain is a really important part of our lives.

Supply Jane helps kids understand how products are made and the process they go through to get to where you can buy them.

Supply Jane and Fifo take your daughter on a supply chain adventure to help Uncle Manny get his dragon food business on track.

The author, Megan Preston Meyer, also has other books available in this series!

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Everyday Superheroes: Women in Energy Careers

everyday  superheroes women in energy book for kids

Let your child meet thirty-four female superheroes in the field of energy! These women are working hard in all types of jobs to help keep our world powered up so kids can watch their favorite TV shows, play video games, and use cell phones.

Whether they are digging wells, installing power lines, or even running a solar farm – these women are sure to inspire! And with energy being such a good sector to work in, it is one worth encouraging kids of all ages to consider.

This multicultural book showcases energy careers from science to trade and will open children’s eyes to opportunities, especially for young girls.

“There are trailblazing women in every part of the energy sector, from research and policy to engineers and technicians. This book will empower young people to take action and show that the energy transition is for everyone!”

Meredith Adler, executive director, Student Energy

The book includes:

  • Biographies of real women in the energy field
  • Energy career ideas that are science-based, in research, or trade jobs
  • What girls can do today to be their superhero in energy
  • The importance of energy in our communities

This book is just one of several from a line of books about “Stem Superheroes.” The girl behind the books is Erin Twamley, a passionate advocate for STEM and improving awareness about the many careers that exist.

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The House That She Built

the house that she built book

Letting your child see exactly how a house is built can be so inspiring! The book The House That She Built helps children understand all that is required to create their homes and inspires young girls to consider jobs in homebuilding.

Inspire girls to learn about being a framer, roofer, plumber, or interior designer! This book was inspired by a team of women who came together from all over the country to build a home!

“The books we read as children can shape the people we grow up to be. The House That She Built is empowering, encouraging, informative, and inspiring. Every child needs a book like this on their shelf that says, “You can do anything you set your mind to.”

Amy Riley, Preschool Teacher

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Plumber Paige

Paige Knowles is an author who is very active in helping young girls find their path in the skilled trades. Her own parents were very supportive of her path and introduced her to the trades at a young age.

plumber Paige trade career book

Join Paige as she tries fixing a toilet or a sink in adorable books that will introduce kids to a variety of trades in the construction field.

These paperback books are easy to read for young children with fun illustrations.

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Connie Loves Construction

Connie is only 10 years old, but already knows that a construction career is in her future.

book cover connie loves construction

This book from Oriel Selver will share the journey of Connie as she begins learning all about the tools and skills she will need.

It follows through to her adult life where she does go on to become a successful construction worker.

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WireWomen: Lighting It Up

book cover wirewomen lighting it up

Let your daughter dive into the world of electricity.

This book features stories of NYC women who have been through an electrician apprentice program to become licensed electricians.

This book is best for older children!

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Check out our skilled trade career exploration books just for elementary school aged kids too.

Have we forgotten a book? Please reach out and let us know so we can get it added!

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