Agriculture Trade Careers

Love working outdoors? From farming to animals, a career in agricultural can be rewarding and offers lots of options for those with a passion for nature.

Crop Duster
Median Salary: $79,000
Certifications: Required
Career Outlook: Above average growth expected
Median Salary: $73,060
Certifications: None
Career Outlook: 3% decline through 2031
Median Salary: $116,486
Certifications: AFA Certification
Career Outlook: NA
Median Salary: $46,330
Certifications: Recommended
Career Outlook: 4% decline through 2031
Professional Fisherman
Median Salary: $29,680
Certifications: Fishing Permit
Career Outlook: 2% growth through 2030

Whether you’re passionate about preserving the planet, developing sustainable farming techniques, or concocting tasty treats in the lab, this vibrant sector has it all.

From eco-warrior champions and cutting-edge agricultural engineers to food scientists with a taste for innovation, join the green revolution and unleash your potential in a field where Mother Nature meets mind-blowing technologies.

Get ready to dig deep into a fulfilling career and sow the seeds of change for a greener tomorrow. Let’s grow together! 🌱🌎