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Editorial Policies

The goal of Blue Collar Brain is to entertain while providing valuable news and information about careers in the skilled trades. Whether you’re trying to find a new career path or stay on top of the latest travel or finance tips for blue collar families, we have you covered.

Blue Collar Brain Editorial Policy: 

This editorial policy was created to promote and uphold high standards of journalism and professionalism.

AI Use:

We do not advocate the use of AI for creating content and do not use it in our content creation. AI may be used to assist in creative titles or wording for our social media outlets, but is not used for any content on our website.

Blue Collar Brain has a human content for human readers stance to ensure authenticity and factual information is delivered to our readers.

Accuracy and Credibility:

  • To ensure accuracy in all our content, we fact-check and verify information from reliable sources.
  • We value balance and fairness, and present multiple perspectives when applicable.
  • We distinguish between reporting and opinion pieces.

Editorial Independence:

Our content is not influenced by advertisers, stakeholders, or external parties. 

If an article has been created or sponsored by a third party, we provide a clear disclosure.

Originality and Plagiarism:

  • We respect intellectual property rights and observe copyright laws.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and we check regularly to ensure the originality of our content.

Ethics and Privacy:

  • Our articles and opinion pieces do not violate individuals’ privacy, promote hate speech, or engage in discrimination of any type.


  • Our ownership, affiliations, and any potential conflicts of interest are public record.
  • We acknowledge and correct inaccuracies and/or errors in our content.

User Engagement:

We strive to foster a respectful community through our feedback forms, article comments, and social media accounts. Reader input is welcome and encouraged.

Diversity and Inclusion:

At Blue Collar Brain, we value diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We encourage equity and inclusivity within our organization.

Editorial Opinions and Accountability:

  • The views and opinions expressed by our writers do not necessarily reflect that of management. While we may not always agree with everything our writers say, we believe they have the right to express themselves.
  • Our editorial teams are responsible for reviewing and fact-checking content before publication.