10 Unexpected Things Employees Really Want From Employers

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With it getting harder and harder to find good workers, one thing that employers can do is listen to what potential candidates really want from a job. Good jobs are not just about salaries anymore, but so much more. Whether you are hiring white collar or blue collar workers, the basic wants from workers are not all that different.


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Many workers really want to be able to rock out while at work. Since music has been shown to increase dopamine levels, it can improve overall well being of workers. Employers can greatly benefit from letting employees bring in those headphones and work to their favorite tunes. Not only will their overall happiness improve, but productivity just may sky rocket.

Training Programs

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It may surprise employers that their workers may want more in the way of training and self-improvement opportunities. Investing in courses or in-person group sessions where employees can learn life and work skills can be a great asset to the whole company.

Good Coworkers

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Although it may seem that most workers are anti-social, that is usually not the case. They may just feel like the do not fit in with their coworkers or do not enjoy their company. Advocating for a good culture is a critical part of any company. This means hiring the best possible team that include people who are positive, friendly, and can acclimate with a diverse group of people.

Dogs & Cats

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People love animals. The impact of having an office dog or cat can be huge, especially during difficult times. Employers who have an office pet on staff or allow others to bring their pets to work are creating an environment of fun and reduced stress. Ultimately, this is what employees want.

Hybrid Work Schedule

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You may be surprised to hear that many people mentioned wanting to have more of a hybrid work experience. While many do enjoy working from home, some believe the lack of socialization is harming their mental health. Employers who offer a flexible hybrid work schedule will come out on top. Allowing employees to work at home or in the office when they want can be a huge boost to morale and performance.

Not Another Meeting!

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Employees understand sometimes meetings are critical to the job, but many feel they are excessive. Interruptions in the middle of the day can tend to get them off track and minimize the focus on getting their job done.

Let’s Get Digital

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If you are an old school employer that still wants things printed, you just might be frustrating employees. Save a tree and encourage the use of digital assets over paper and you just may remove one more frustration from the workplace.

Stop The Dress Codes

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Nothing might upset a worker more than being told how to dress. While dressing appropriately for the job is important, like construction trade jobs that rquire safety gear, there is no need to dictate that they should wear polo shirts, heels, or a suit and tie. Guidelines can be put in place, but let employees be comfortable.

Realistic Expectations

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Have an employee in a role that is actually doing the work of three roles? This is not going to win you any good employees who will stick around. If an employee is being taken advantage of, you will lose them – and fast. Set realistic expectations for what one can do in a 40-hour work week. If you need them to do more, ask – and if they accept, provide a bonus or pay them accordingly.

Nap Room

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It has been said that naps can improve productivity. Employees would love a nap room where they can close their eyes for 15-20 minutes and refresh. This would be a huge asset for the company and improve morale and possibly even behavior! After all in Japan, napping is a way workers show they are committed to their work.

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