Fastest Growing No Degree Jobs (That Even A.I. Can’t Steal Yet!)

Jill Caren
By Jill Caren
Updated February 8th, 2024

Are you worried about losing your job to artificial intelligence (A.I.)?

You are not alone.

A recent survey by Microsoft found that 49 percent of employees are afraid of losing their jobs to A.I. But even with all the doom and gloom news around job losses due to A.I., there is still good news too.

Many jobs are still showing some fantastic growth. Many of which require no college degree.

Below are some of the fastest-growing no-college careers to consider if a career change is on your future. While many others are listed here, we chose to focus on the higher-paying opportunities. You can also check out some of the highest paying trade jobs – most of which will not be replaced by AI either.

Wind Turbine Technician

wind turbines in a field

Wind turbines have been on our radar as a top job for a while. It is a good paying job with a median salary of $56,260. There is an expectation that the industry will have a 44% growth in employment through 2031.

As a wind turbine technician, you will doing maintenance, installations, and more at some pretty high levels. There will be a mix of hands-on work and technology related tasks. A wind turbine trade school or community college is all you need start.

Umpires & Referees

umpire working as a referee at a football game
Image credit: miflippo / Depositphotos

The perfect opportunity for those die-hard sports lovers. With an expected growth in job opportunities by 32% through 2031, there will be many job opportunities. Average median salary for umpires and referees is $35,860 annually.

The requirement to become a sports official varies by state, but you will need to have advanced knowledge of the sport. It is common to undergo one-year of on-the-job training.

Solar PV Installer

With a median annual salary of $47,670 and an increase of jobs by 27% through 2031, becoming a solar installer is a great opportunity.

As we continue to grow into a world of more sustainable means, the need to install and repair solar panels is huge. Attending a trade school or community college is a good way to get into solar. On-the-job training might also be an opportunity with some companies due to the difficulties in finding workers.

Animal Care Workers

dog trained to hold leash
Image credit: Chalabala / Depositphotos

If you love animals, there is no shortage of opportunities for you. With an annual median salary of $28,600 across all animal careers, you might not consider it. But, many dog trainers and pet groomers earn much higher wages due to self-employment.

The annual growth in animal careers is expected to be 29% through 2031. The continued passion to have pets is creating this boom, and it is not expected to slow down any time soon.

Physical Therapist Assistant

physical therapist assistant at work
Image credit: Kzenon / Depositphotos

This career will require an Associate’s degree in most states as well as licensing or certification. But with an annual median salary of $61,180 and an expected growth of 24% through 2031, it is a great opportunity.

People are living longer, increasing the need for physical therapists. Helping clients learn to do exercises, helping with massage and stretching, and teaching them to use devices are just some of the daily duties.

Millwrights & Machinery Mechanics

worker checking millwright documents

Like the idea of hands-on repair and maintenance of big machines often used in factories or industrial work? Working as a millwright or machinery mechanic can bring in a median annual salary of $60,330.

Job growth will be 14% through 2031. Training can be in trade school, community college, or on-the -job, usually including an apprenticeship.


how to become a phlebotomist

No weak stomachs for this career need apply! Phlebotomist salaries have a median annual average of $37,380 with less than one year of training and education.

There is an expected growth of 10% through 2031 due to an increase in our aging population. These aging people will require more medical care, so more phlebotomists will be needed to take that blood for testing.


roustabouts at work

Roustabouts are typically found in the oil fields or on rigs. They are responsible for assembling and repairing equipment used to extract oil and gas.

The median annual salary is $43,590 with an expected growth in jobs of 23% through 2031. There is no formal education needed and many receive on-the-job training.

Telecommunications Equipment Workers

telecommunications worker fixing equipment

From installation to repair, there is no shortage of work for telecommunications equipment workers. These workers enjoy an annual median salary of $60,730 and require little education.

The job outlook is showing 8% growth through 2031. As the technology evolves, many of these opportunities will be in wireless and mobile services.

Flight Attendants

flight attendant with beverage cart
Image credit: svitlanahulo85 / Depositphotos

For those looking to travel the world, for free, working as a flight attendant is a great opportunity. No college is required, but you must meet some specific requirements that each airline sets. The average median salary for flight attendants is $61,870, plus many other perks unique to the industry.

There will be an increase of 21% in employment opportunities through 2031. While some of this growth is due to the increase in travel from COVID, some believe it will continue to be a growing career due to people’s passion for travel.

Chefs & Head Cooks

chef at work
Image credit: Kzenon / Depositphotos

Working in the food industry can be exciting, but is hard work. Chefs and cooks can expect to earn roughly $50,000 without formal experience. While many chefs attend a culinary program, you can get started with skill and experience.

Job growth will be 15% through 2031. As consumers continue to prefer dining out to home-cooked meals, it is a career path that is pretty solid.

Mechanical Door Repairers

worker repairing door in garage
Image credit: AndreyPopov / Depositphotos

Mechanical door repairers may spend their days on the road going place to place to fix or install doors. There is no shortage of work, from hydraulic garage doors to mechanical appliance doors.

The growth rate will be 11% through 2031. No degree is required and you can earn a solid median wage of roughly $47,010 annually.

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A.I. will often be hard to replace these jobs, and job growth is pretty solid!

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