FedEx Package Handler Job Description + Requirements

Jill Caren
By Jill Caren
Updated December 17th, 2023

If you like work that is physical, challenging, and sometimes hectic – a job as a Fedex package handler may be what you are looking for.

A job as a FedEx package handler job is a great choice for those looking for an entry-level job that can bring opportunities for growth and advancement. The position does not have many strict requirements, and it is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to get their foot in the door at an established organization. The job also happens to pay well as far as entry-level work goes, and there are quite a few benefits available to FedEx’s full-time employees.

Similar jobs include include working as an Amazon Stow Associate or picker packer.

Below, we break down everything you need to know about being a FedEx package handler and how to apply for the job.

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What Do FedEx Package Handlers Do?

Typically, package handlers are the people in charge of moving packages from one place to the next. The day-to-day tasks involve sorting packages and making sure the right items go to the right delivery drivers.

It is actually a pretty important job! If you are not cautious with what packages you put on what truck, it could mean a customer is getting the wrong package. So you really need to be detail oriented to do this job well.

A FedEx ground package handler’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Sorting packages
  • Organizing packages for delivery
  • Loading packages on FedEx trucks
  • Safe handling
  • Scanning and tracking packages
  • Resolving safety issues with management

But, there may also be other package handler roles and responsibilities that come into play depending on your experience and skills.

As a FedEx employee, a package handler will work part-time or full-time (20 to 40 hours per week).

During the holidays, most FedEx employees will work more hours or even longer shifts. Full-time employees typically see mandatory overtime on their holiday schedule.

The shifts range from early morning to late evening, depending on availability, operational requirements, and employee preferences.

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What Are the Requirements to Be a FedEx Package Handler?

No FedEx package handler job description would be complete without a breakdown of the requirements, but this one has a shorter list than one might expect. Like most entry-level jobs, potential candidates will not need a degree to work as a package handler. However, although the educational requirement is minimal, the work is physically demanding.

A FedEx package handler needs:

  • The ability to lift packages up to 75lbs repeatedly throughout the workday
  • The physical stamina to handle repetitive movements, including reaching up and bending down
  • The energy to be on their feet for up to 12 hours and spend most of the shift walking
  • The commitment to meet any deadlines involved in processing packages, especially at peak times

Potential employees may also need to submit to a background check and pre-employment drug screening.

How Much Does the Average FedEx Package Handler Earn?

A FedEx package handler earns on a per-hour basis with an average hourly rate that is competitive with similar entry-level jobs. However, the rates may depend on experience. Employees coming from a similar position in another company will start on the higher end, whereas first-time workers will start low until they are accustomed to the warehouse-type setting.

The average FedEx package handler salary depends on the location of the job (some states differ in minimum wage requirements).

Most package handlers earn a little above the minimum wage level in their area, $12-$14 seems to be the current average based on location, whether you are part-time or full-time, and the shifts you work.

The job does come with additional benefits for full-timers, and FedEx rewards its long-term employees. For example, the main benefits for full-time FedEx package handlers include:

  • Pension plans or 401(k) retirement plans
  • Healthcare options

Ready To Apply? Start your package handler job search here!

When Should You Apply for Positions at FedEx?

The best time to apply to FedEx is when seasonal hiring starts (before the holidays, companies like FedEx will hire seasonal workers to meet the higher demand). These positions are temporary but often lead to permanent positions for dedicated workers. FedEx hires package handlers year-round, so if there is no position currently available in the area, keep checking as these opportunities frequently open up.

Candidates may also apply for open positions on the FedEx website, where there are quite a number of other entry-level positions available if there are no options for a package handler.

Working in these physically demanding positions may not be for everyone, but why not consider some of the customer service or delivery driver options instead?

Is Being A Package Handler For Fedex Worth It?

If you are someone who has no desire to go to college or continue with any kind of trade education and just need a job to pay the bills, then this may be a good opportunity for you. With no-experience needed to get your foot in the door it can be an opportunity to prove yourself as a valuable employee which can lead to growth within a strong company.

There is a lot of negative sentiment about this job – mainly due to the amount of manual labor required as well as a lot of talk about not so great managers. A good manager may be the difference between liking your job – or hating it, unfortunately you cannot really control that part.

Below are some great threads that share stories so you can decide if it is a job you want to apply for.

Is FedEx Package Handler the Job For You?

Those looking for a career may not picture starting as a package handler at FedEx, but there will be many amazing opportunities along the way, thanks to the global reach of this successful company. FedEx also tends to promote from within, and management positions come up all the time. Think of a package handler position as a stepping stone; something better might be just around the corner.

Does the idea of a fast-paced workplace appeal to you? Can you lift 75lbs and move around a lot during the workday? A FedEx package handler position might be a perfect fit, especially if you want to take advantage of a global company with much to offer its workforce.

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