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How To Get A Job As A Waterslide Tester

Jill Caren
By Jill Caren
Updated December 17th, 2023

Yes, dream jobs do exist and a waterslide tester may fit that dream job! If you are wondering how to get a job as a waterslide tester, you have come to the right place.

Imagine spending your days slip-sliding your way from the top of a waterslide to the bottom, all in an effort to make sure they are safe for others. This is what working as a waterslide tester would require.

So, how does one get into this job and what requirements are there?

Read on to find out how to land this job!

But first, we want to share that this is probably not a job that will be long-term. Maybe it is the first step for you in the working world while you figure things out. Or maybe it can be a stop on a path to a water-based career like a professional fisherman or maybe something in marine transportation.

What Does A Waterslide Tester Do?

Before we “dive in” to what the job entails, it is important to know that you will need strong swimming skills. If you are not a skilled swimmer, the job could be a bit dangerous as you might land in some deep water when running tests.

Below are some of the day-to-day activities you may need to do as a waterslide tester.

  • Test the waterslide several times
  • Take notes on specific guidelines that have been set
  • Create recommended age restrictions for the slide
  • Observe any safety hazards that might exist like cracks or holes
  • Create articles or do interviews for travel magazines or websites
  • Determine the “adrenaline” factor of the slide

It is important to note that you are risking some injuries with this job!

There is a chance there might be issues with the slide that may be hazardous and cause harm. You may also be required to do testing in some colder temperatures – so if you are envisioning every test being done in summer weather, you may be disappointed.

If some of those are a little scary – then you can also consider being a water slide attendant. While not as exciting, it is a good entry-level job that will keep you close to the water without all the scary stuff.

If those issues do not scare you – then go ahead and read on.

getting a job as a waterslide tester

Waterslide Tester Education

There is no formal education required to become a waterslide tester, but a high school diploma or GED is recommended. You need to be over 18 years of age as well.

A HUGE passion for water parks is of course a must. Fearless, fun-loving, and enthusiastic are three traits that will set you apart from the competition.

Those that are successful at this job have an amazing eye for detail since this job will rely heavily on you to find any issues with the slide. You will need to find all hazards that are present that can present a danger to riders.

See how one 22-year-old from the UK beat out tons of competition to win a chance at being a waterslide tester for First Choice. His job was to travel to different countries and test the firm’s 20 Splash World resorts for 6 months. The bonus is that he got paid roughly $25K USD to do it! Not too shabby for a college student.

Where Do Waterslide Testers Work

There are many opportunities for waterslide testers, some of which can take you around the world.

  • Water parks may be one of the biggest opportunities for you to work as a waterslide tester. They will typically have several different types of slides that require testing and observation to ensure they are – and remain – safe for customers.
  • Hotel chains that have indoor water parks are another option for employment.
  • Travel firms may be interested in hiring waterslide testers to travel to different amusement parks or hotels on their behalf.

Much of this work will be repetitive. You may go down one slide up to a hundred times of day! You might have to attend meetings, which can be boring! As the designs of the waterslide change, additional testing will be required as well. So, expect a lot of repeat work!

How To Get A Job As A Waterslide Tester

I am going, to be honest, the downside to this job is the shortage of opportunities! I could not even dig up any information regarding possible salaries. I checked resources like Zippia, Indeed, and Monster and did not come up with anything.

There are just not a lot of opportunities out there so you need to be proactive in your job search – and may have to do more outreach than with other jobs.

These kinds of jobs are available – but you might have to take the effort to find them.

For example, you can create a list of water parks, hotels, or businesses that work with water slides. Then you can contact them and let them know you are available – and interested!

Send a resume – a video of you enjoying a water slide – and convince them that they “need” you!

You may find yourself slip-sliding away faster than you think!

Jill Caren is an international SEO consultant and founder of 2Dogs Media. She is also a trainer, journalist, and speaker who helps brands increase their organic search visibility, traffic, and conversions. She is also the co-founder of Blue Collar Brain, a resource for those looking to enter a trade career.

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