Is Home Building A Good Career Path?

Jill Caren
By Jill Caren
Updated December 17th, 2023

The American dream is to be able to own a home.

But, homebuilding can also include other types of residential housing like condominiums, apartments, and even multi-functional units that mix housing with retail. This means, there is a ton of opportunity out there to work in the home building industry.

Homebuilding is an ever-expanding industry that offers a variety of jobs for both skilled trade workers and college-educated workers.

And, while you may think of the “construction industry” when thinking about home building, there are really a lot more jobs than just construction. There are also architects, accountants, interior design professionals, engineers, and more that make a home come to life.

So, let’s dive into the homebuilding career path and see what it offers.

Is homebuilding a good career path?

While homebuilding involves physical labor and technical skills, it can provide stable work with competitive wages and opportunities for advancement. However, it is important to research and understand the requirements and demands of the job before pursuing it as a career.

With that said, all the jobs in this industry are physically demanding so you do need to be aware of the need to be healthy and fit to work in this industry. If you do construction work for many years, it can take a toll on you physically; so it is important you do take care of yourself during those working years.

Whether you carry building materials, handle heavy tools, or even mix concrete – the damage to your body can be real. So have those massages scheduled, ice packs ready, and make sure you stay hydrated and eat well.

Job satisfaction for homebuilding jobs ranges because some companies are just better to work for than others. A survey done by Hays US found that over 80% of US construction professionals would consider leaving their existing job.

Culture played a big part in that number.

So, when you are looking for jobs, be sure to research the company you want to work for! Ask around in forums, use sites like Glassdoor, and do not be afraid to reach out to existing employees for feedback on the work culture.

is homebuilding a good career path, carpenters working on a house

Types of homebuilding careers

Now let’s get into some of the jobs that are available in the homebuilding sector, you may be surprised at the options available to you. It is not just about carpenters and plumbers, there are a lot of different jobs that are part of the construction industry.

While many of the positions available are held by blue collar workers, there are even careers that may require a bachelor’s degree. For example, architects or interior designers often require additional education.

So whether you want to attend vocational school or a traditional four-year college, there are many opportunities in the home building industry.

Either option can result in a job that will allow you to make good money!


Median annual salary: $48,260
Job Outlook: 2% growth through 2030

No house or residential building can be created without the help of carpenters and general construction workers. From the frame, to the floors, to the doors, and more – they are the team that gets the dream of home ownership started. Learn more about how to become a carpenter.


Median annual salary: $59,880
Job Outlook: 5% growth through 2030

Well, building a house with no water would not be good right? That is why it is so important to have a plumbing company on hand! Plumbers will work to build out the water system that you use for your sinks and toilets as well as the washing machine. You may also have a sprinkler system that they assist in getting installed.


Median annual salary: $48,040
Job Outlook: 2% decline through 2030

Many homes today are made of vinyl and wood, but there is still a passion for homes that use brick or concrete and that is where a mason will come in. Masons might prepare concrete, stack bricks, or create walkways from natural stones.

These jobs can actually be pretty creative making them great for people who have a good eye for design but still want a bit of physical labor. Masons often learn their craft through an apprenticeship, but trade school can offer a better outlook for growth.


Median annual salary: $60,040
Job Outlook: 9% growth through 2030

Of course, no home is complete without electricity! Electricians make sure the home is supplied with electricity and may work in the home and on the street on the electrical system.

You can learn electrician work with an apprenticeship, but it is recommended that you attend a trade school so you can experience what it is like to work on all different electrical systems. Most states do require electricians to be licensed to do work.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Median annual salary: $48.290
Job Outlook: 5% growth through 2030

No home or residential building can be made without the help of heavy equipment operators. These are the team members that will operate heavy machinery like cranes, backhoes, and garbage trucks to move things around on location – or take things off the job site.

Most jobs in this path do require a CDL license which you can acquire through a vocational trucking school. Being a heavy equipment operator is a good career path in its own right since it can take you into other industries outside of homebuilding.

homebuilding team working with saw

Reasons to consider a homebuilding career

Wondering why you should even consider a homebuilding career?

Below are some of the top reasons you should consider construction and homebuilding work for a career.

Construction Career Opportunities

There is currently more jobs available in the construction industry than there are workers to fill them. Home building professionals like those mentioned above are all in demand and will be for the foreseeable future.

A model projection done by the Associated Builders and Contractors, showed a shortage of 650,000 workers in addition to the normal hiring that needed to be done. This is a huge gap in employment in the housing industry.

“ABC’s 2022 workforce shortage analysis sends a message loud and clear: The construction industry desperately needs qualified, skilled craft professionals to build America,” said Michael Bellaman, ABC president and CEO.

This is one of the strongest reasons this is a great industry to get into. There is no shortage of jobs.

Growth Opportunities

Maybe you want to remain a carpenter, mason, or electrician – that is A-OK. But if you are a go-getter looking for growth in your career path, then you can have that too. The career ladder can go as high as you want it to!

Maybe you could advance and be a construction project manager or heavy equipment manager. Both offer a career opportunity that can bring better salaries but come with more responsibility. Construction managers may have a lot more responsibility but it is a rewarding career with higher salaries than a construction worker may have.

Low Cost Of Entry

Man of the opportunities that are in a homebuilding career can be done with either a high school diploma or trade school.

There is no need to go into debt with a four-year college degree unless you want to go into the more advanced roles in the industry like architecture or engineering.

Good wages

Salaries in home construction and related home building jobs are above the median hourly wage of many other jobs. You can see some of the median salaries above for the main careers within the industry.

Of course the more education and experience you bring to the job, the higher the wages you can earn.

Travel Opportunities

Yes, you read that right. If you are a worker with mad skills in your niche, the opportunity to travel both locally and cross-country is real. As housing booms happen around the country you have the chance to work in new areas. Travel trade workers often get paid premium rates as well.

Start a business

After you have developed your skills and have gained experience, the opportunity to start your own company in the homebuilding industry is a real option for you.

For example, you can go out on your own and do construction management. This will allow you to work alongside construction workers on location to help ensure projects stay on track. You can work with different developers and have flexibility on the types of projects you want to work on.

Going out on your own can be lucrative and contract opportunities can be plentiful if you are good at what you do!

Career Diversity

Maybe you get into the industry as a carpenter and realize you do not enjoy it. That is OK because there are so many other opportunities that exist that you can move into. If you love using your creative side you can become a mason, if you would rather work indoors, try plumbing. The options are almost endless for creating your own career around what you enjoy.

Some may even consider becoming real estate agents or brokers which also require no college education. While they may not be considered skilled trades jobs, there are a lot of opportunities to make a great living.

Career stability

Most careers in the homebuilding industry will be incredibly stable. Building homes and remodeling homes will always be happening all over the world.

These are not careers that can easily be replaced by machines, and the lack of skilled workers will ensure you get to keep your job as long as you want it. With many job openings almost always available, home builders will always be on the lookout for skilled – and hard-working candidates to work on construction sites.

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