Is Transportation A Good Career Path?

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The transportation industry is a big one! Transporting goods and people from one place to another is an important – and sometimes really exciting career. Whether you want to be a local bus driver, cargo ship operator, or fly high in the sky – a job in transport offer lots of unique opportunities.

So, read on and find out all you need to know about careers in the transportation industry!

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Is Transporation A Good Career Path?

Yes, transportation is a good career path that comes with lots of opportunities, exciting careers, and higher than average wages for many jobs.

Many of the careers that are in the transportation industry do offer benefits and great salaries making it one of our top career path picks.

What Are Considered Transportation Jobs?

Basically, any job that has you moving people or products from one location to another would be considered a transportation job. Transportation jobs are typically considered trade jobs and fall under the blue-collar worker designation.

When most think about transportation jobs, we think of truck drivers, taxi drivers, or pilots. But, there is more to the industry than what we see on the front-end. There are those behind the scenes that make it all happen like the logistics people, warehouse workers, and production.

We are breaking down our list into two sections, on-the-road jobs, and off-the-road jobs.

Not everyone wants the responsibility of driving or flying, but there are other careers in the industry you can do without having to get behind the wheel!

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On-The-Road Jobs

Truck Driver. Right now, truck drivers are facing a large understaffing issue. There has never been a better time to become a truck driver. You will receive a higher than average salary, possibly a great sign-on bonus, benefits, and more. You can choose to be an over-the-road (OTR) driver or keep your work local so you are not away from home too often. The highest 10% of truck drivers earn more than $70,000 annually. You can also choose to be an owner-operator to increase your earnings.

Train Conductor. A train conductor is responsible for the operation of trains, but local commuter trains and long-haul freight trains. On commuter trains, they may assist customers, work with the engineer to ensure the train is on the course, and announce station arrivals. On freight trains, they may help unload or load freight and manage the distribution of the freight to keep the train balanced. There is a large range of salaries for these careers, but the median salary is $64,000 annually.

Garbage Collector. Another great local transportation career that can have great benefits and wages that exceed $40,000 per year with no experience. Whether you drive the truck or assist the driver, being a garbageman is hard – and dirty work but is a stable career with a strong career outlook.

Delivery Driver. Delivery drivers can work for local establishments and delivery a large variety of different things. From food to Amazon drivers, there is no limit to the amount of jobs available as a delivery driver.

Off-The-Road Jobs

These are also great jobs in the transportation industry, but actually require no driving!

Freight Broker. A freight broker will work in an office and work with trucking companies to provide quotes to customers, create schedules, and be responsible for all the paperwork needed for shipping orders. Typically they work for themselves and can easily make 6-figures if they are go-getters.

Dock Workers. While the ship captain is responsible for getting the ship from point-A to point B at the wheel, dock workers are the team that makes all the other important elements happen. They may move goods from the ship to a final destination, operate heavy equipment, or get the docks ready for incoming ships.

Warehouse Workers. Warehouse workers are not a direct transportation job, but they work closely with the transportation team. They are responsible for the goods that are stored in warehouses and will assist in getting those goods onto the truck for transportation to its next destination.

5 Reasons to Consider a Transporation Career Path

The transportation path is a strong opportunity for you to create a comfortable living. below are some of the great things about going into the transportation career path.

See The World

Whether by ship, truck, or train you will have the ability to see the world! You can choose to work with a company that goes international or you can stay local if that is more your thing. But when you work in the transportation field – the opportunity to see and do new things anywhere in the world is yours!


Many transportation careers have higher than average salaries. This is great news for those that prefer not to college and who are ready to get right into the working world. As you build your experience and prove your value you can see great increases in pay.

Job Security

At the time of this writing, there is a huge need for transportation workers, there are so many more jobs than people to work them. This means you have the opportunity to get into a career that is secure! No matter what happens to the economy, transportation workers are always needed to move those goods.

Do Good

Being a truck driver is one of the top careers that make others happy, even if they do not see it. You are taking people on vacations, bringing goods to stores for them to purchase, and bringing happiness to families. There is something to be said for a career that is really making a difference in our everyday lives.

Never Boring

When you work in transportation and logistics, every day will bring something new and different. No two days will be alike! So, if you get bored easily – this is a great career path.

Transportation Job Cons

Well, we could not tell you all the good without sharing the not-so-good right?

There is no such thing as a perfect job! So although the pros of working in transportation outweigh the negatives, there are some things you should be aware of before jumping in.

  • Excessive time away from home
  • Can be tough on the body when driving or sitting for long periods of time
  • Weather issues can cause dangerous work conditions
  • The danger is real in many of the these career opportunities
  • In many jobs, there is minimal opportunity to grow, so if you are looking for a “path to the top” this may not be a good career

How To Get Into A Transportation Job

Many of the jobs listed here may not require experience, but most will require some type of training, trade school, or certification. For example, truck drivers will need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate that big rig.

Most of these jobs do not require college, with a few exceptions like a ship’s captain.

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