Learn A Trade If College Is Not For You!

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Whether you are still in high school, just graduated high school, or are an older worker looking to make a career change, when you make the decision to learn a trade you are setting yourself up for a great future. Trade jobs are some of the most exciting, creative and healthiest options for a career and with so many options there are sure to be a few that may be of interest to you.

If you do not know what to do after high school, no worries we got you covered!

Blue Collar Brain is all about helping you find a vocational or trade career that you will enjoy and make a good living with.

Reasons To Consider A Trade Career

College – and even specific careers are pushed on so many kids these days as the only option for a good life. We are here to tell you that college as the only option for a good life is the furthest thing from the truth. College is NOT for everyone and not every person needs a college degree to be successful.

There are so many amazing opportunities in the world to use your talents and passions to make money – and blue collar trade jobs are one of those options!

Many skilled trade careers pay as much as white collar jobs without the hefty college debt! Below are a few reasons everyone should really evaluate trade or vocational jobs as a career option.

Time Investment

Instead of a 4 year degree you can often take a certification program or attend a trade school which will often take a lot less time. Trade skills can be a few months to a couple of years on average – some certification programs could even be less.

Lower Cost

There is no question that college is expensive and for most lower-middle class families it could be cost-prohibitive to send their kids there. Trade schools are often much less expensive and because you go out into the working world faster and loans you may need to attend will be paid off much faster.

Job Opportunities

There are not enough people to fill the jobs that are available in the trade world. From plumbers to auto technicians – there are more jobs that can be filled. This means more opportunity for you and less chance of ever losing your job! Because trade jobs are so in demand and are usually compromised of a job that people need – the job security is much stronger than other types of jobs.


Every day is something different in many types of trade jobs. You may be in a new location with new people – you may be doing a different project every day! There are so many variables in most trade jobs that should help keep you interested and passionate about what you do.

How To Become A Blue Collar/Trade Worker?

First you should think about the types of blue collar jobs that may appeal to you? Do you love woodworking, boats, big trucks – think about all the things you love in life and that will help you determine an area you may be most interested in working. Then the below are some steps to help you get started towards making your dream career a reality.


Before you do anything else you have to finish high school – even if it means getting a GED! It will be tough to land a job anywhere these days without graduating high school.

Next would be narrowing down the right trade school for the field you want to get into. You can even attend a local community college if they have the right curriculum for your field. Attending community college will result in an Associate’s degree – but you may need to still take additional courses to become certified in your field. Make sure you do your homework when researching the community college option!

Going right into a technical or trade school would be the other option! You will not get a formal education and degree but you will walk away with a certification that will allow you to get out there an get a job.


In most trade jobs it is important to do an apprenticeship to help you learn the job from skilled workers. While many apprentice programs are paid – some may not be, so make sure you know what you are applying for. In most cases you can apply for these positions through the trade unions of the job you are interested.

This type of on-the-job training is crucial for you to have a great start in your career and to be sure you are successful so I do not recommend trying to pass up this opportunity. In most trade careers doing an apprenticeship is required – no matter what age your are.

Working side by side with someone who has been on the job for years will help you truly understand what happens on a day to day basis and is a great way for you to see what to expect!


Every trade may have different requirements for this – and I will go into this for each job posted on this website, but in general getting a license is recommended if it is an option for your career choice. Most trade licensing will require you to attend a class and take an exam at the attend. In some cases you may be able to provide proof of apprenticeship to waive the class time and just take the test.

Once you are licensed then you can begin building your own business if that is something you are interested in!

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