“Should I Leave My Marketing Job For A Skilled Trade?”

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A Reddit post from a user considering leaving marketing for a career in the skilled trades sparked an interesting discussion on whether skilled workers like their jobs.

A Redditor asked, “People in trades, are you happy with your decision?” in the r/findapath sub. They went on to explain how they found the companies they have worked for “extremely dysfunctional.” 

The original poster (OP) also added that friends were telling them to try new companies. It was implied that maybe the work environments were ruining their marketing career choice.

OP added, “But I really think I’d be happy using my hands again and not being confined to a chair all day.” 

According to a 2021 survey by Express Employment Professionals, 74% of blue-collar workers say their line of work makes for a promising career.

Of those surveyed, 53% noted an excellent living wage as a reason they like their job, and 91% said they are proud of their work.

On the other hand, in a survey by Marketing Week, it was found that 53% of marketers would be looking to change careers in 2023. An additional 62.4% stated they were either very or quite happy with their marketing job.

According to the stats above, there is no clear winner in which path OP should take.

Commenters replied with stories of their own experiences in the trades. 

One enthusiastic response was, “Absolutely. Switched to the trades after working in sales for over a decade. I just got tired of the rat race in sales and wanted to work with my hands. I ended up taking a decently large pay cut to work in a factory. Still, I really enjoyed the work and got myself adjusted to shift work and made some connections and a good impression on some people while there.

Eventually had an opportunity to apply for a job out here on a government site with the IBEW. I applied and one of the people interviewing me remembered me from the factory and remembered my work ethic and gave me the job.

I’m loving my new job so far! Learning a TON and working with some awesome coworkers. I genuinely enjoy going to work every day because I get to “do things” and make good money doing it. I’ll never sit behind a desk again!” one user wrote.

Someone else shared their happy career change and replied, “I changed gears around 30 and got into union utility work. Came in completely green. Big adjustment and learning curve obviously, but I settled in, and eventually tested to qualify for a new position in operations (one of the highest paid positions in my local). 

Job can be stressful, but the money leaves me with zero regrets. Breaking 200 a year is very easy to accomplish without killing myself or living at work. Best decision I’ve ever made. If you’re not happy, look into a lot of different fields and union apprenticeships in your area.”

However, it was not all positive responses.

“I’m a carpenter and I would not recommend my trade. We’re glorified laborers. I’d pick literally any other trade if I were to start over.” was one user who clearly is not loving his career of choice.

This is sad news for an industry that is currently facing a shortage of almost half a million workers in 2023.

A few people actually agreed with this advice: “If you’re going to go into trades. I feel like you have to be willing to start your own company and deal with hassles that go with being a small business owner. Even if you’re the only employee. But I wouldn’t recommend going into trades to work for someone else.”.

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the many reasons getting into the trades is a good path. The ability to start your own business, and be your own business is real opportunity for those that want it. There are no limits on the opportunities, but often these are seen as unsexy businesses – but often those businesses are the most lucrative!

The best advice one Redditor gave was “Just try it and find out yourself. Even if we’re happy or not with it, it has no effect on how you feel about it. I personally enjoy working with my hands and I’ve been doing construction work for over 10+ years. I’m now going back to school to go into nursing to get that 3-4 day work week and possibly make six figures.” 

That is the best advice anyone could give and what we would highly recommend.

With so many trade careers to consider, why not try one and see how it goes?

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