McFatter Technical College: A Florida Trade School

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Located in Florida and looking for a trade school you can attend? McFatter Technical College may be a great fit.

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Now, don’t let the word “college” scare you off, this is a school that offers a variety of options for you trade enthusiasts. McFatter Technical actually offers their college, which is what we will talk about today, as well as a High School and Fire Academy.

The school was started in 1985 and is located in the town of Davie, Fl. It was established to offer technical education to adults and they offer over 35 programs to choose from.

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Programs Offered At McFatter Technical College

For those of you looking for those blue collar jobs, there are some great options going on at McFatter. Here is the list of current programs you can take part in to launch your new career! Whether you looking for how to become a welder – or want to learn more about electrical careers, McFatter is a great place to start!

  • Drafting
  • Electricity
  • Firefighter
  • Welding Technology (Basic & Advanced)
  • Automotive Collision Technology Technician
  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Marine Service Technologies

But they also other opportunities for great careers that may not be true “blue collar jobs” but are still great options for you to consider if attending a 4-year college is not your thing. This is just a small sampling of their offerings:

  • Arts, A/V technologies & communications for the digital media and TV production fans
  • Accounting, administrative specialist and legal/medial specialist
  • Dental lab technology
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Optometric Assistant

Program Time Investment

How much time it takes for you to complete the program will depend on the program itself and the schedule that works for you. They do have options for part-time, full-time, distance learning and more. Since many students may have full-time jobs – it is important to have this kind of flexibility for your education, and they understand that.

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How To Get Admitted To McFatter

The school does not have any difficult requirements to attend. They do recommend a basic skills test or you can provide an exemption from their approved list of exemptions. You can then schedule a meeting with a program counselor or just get started on registering for classes if you know the path you want to take.

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McFatter Tuition Costs

McFatter does accept in state and out of state students so the pricing will vary greatly depending on where you reside. But the school is fairly affordable and given the outcome of potential salary ranges for some of the fields, it will be worth it.

Their latest program costs was dated July 2020 and below are costs for some of the careers we have listed on our website. Prices include tuition, fees, books & supplies as well as industry certification costs. All rates have been rounded up.

  • Automotive Service Technology: $6,500 in state / $21,600 out of state
  • Firefighter: $4,300 in state / $8,400 out of state
  • Marine Service Technology: $5,500 in state / $17,000 out of state
  • Welding Technology: $4,200 in state / $13,000 out of state


It is very important to attend a school that is accredited in the programs that you want to take. Of course, not every career path requires accreditation, but for those that do you want to make sure your school has it.

McFatter is accredited by the American Welding Society.

What Others Think

If you are considering a program at McFatter you can see what others think about attending this school on some of the website below. Make sure you look for reviews about the program you are considering so you can get the best insight.

Also, be sure to look for more recent reviews to get the latest and the greatest.

Also make sure you are reviewing for the college – a few of the websites like are more geared towards their high school, but the reviews were great for that too on the website!

Niche – has a grade of B+ from 20 reviews

You can also ask on Quora or Reddit to see if you can get feedback from people that have attended there is well.

Have you attended McFatter Technical College? Do you have any helpful tips or insights into the school to help others? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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