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Welding Schools In Oklahoma

Welding is such a great career path to take, so good for you for considering it. But now, the hard part! Determining which welding school in Oklahoma to get your certification with.

Becoming a welder does require some education and training. It is important to select a school that offers courses, fees, and schedules that work with your needs.

Companies like Aerotek, Mammoth Energy, and Southwest Electric are just a few of the companies in Oklahoma that often hire welders or fabricators. There is definitely no shortage of opportunities for you.

Some welding schools may even help  you find a job, so definitely ask about that too!

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Oklahoma Welding Salaries

Of course, as with just about any trade job, experience and continued education can bring higher salaries.

Statewide, the top welding earners make approximately $64,710 while the lowest paid earn about $30,330. So if you are just starting out then you would be closer to that lower range – many years of experience bring the higher range.

Below are the median salaries for Oklahoma welders, meaning half make more and half make less than what is listed.

State Median Annual Salary:
State Median Hourly Salary

Choosing A Welding School In Oklahoma

It is important to really do your homework when choosing a welding school.

Below are some things you should consider before joining a welding program.

  • Are you looking for an urban or country feel?
  • Is financial aid or scholarships needed?
  • Will you stay on a campus or commute?
  • Will you be going part time or full time?
  • Do you know what kind of welding you are interested in doing?
  • Would you be interested in a 2 year degree or just want a certificate program?
  • Will you need help with job placement?

Every school is so different, so do not just jump in without reaching out to them. Give them a call and ask lots of questions!

How Much Will An Oklahoma Welding School Cost?

Most welding schools will range from around $5,000 to $15,000 depending on location and courses you take. Not all schools have their fees on their website, so it is best that you call them and confirm this information before applying.

Many schools also offer financial aid and scholarships as well – so definitely look into those as well to bring costs down.

All the information provided here is current as of early 2022. We will update the information as often as we can!

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