How much does a Plumber make?

The median salary as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics for a wind turbine technician in the United States is $58,510.

The lowest paid 10% average $36,700 , while the top 10% earn $99,920.

Lowest 10%
Highest 90%

Plumber Salary by State

The lowest 10% are typically those that have recently completed an apprenticeship or received certification from a trade school. Most often these pay ranges are for those that are working in the field for 2-3 years or less.

The median wages indicate that half of all plumbers make more, and half make less than the salary noted. This salary reflect the experiences of those working in the plumbing field for roughly 2-5 years.

Finally, the top 10% of all plumbers earn the highest wages, but usually have the most experience and certifications. These salaries can exceed six-figures as you can see in the chart below. On average, these workers may have 5+ years of experience as a plumber.

Other Factors That Affect Plumbing Salaries

Plumbers can earn a very good wage, but of course that is relative to where you live. Some states are very expensive which is why the wages are so much higher.

Alaska for example is a very expensive state, and to attract plumbers the wages need to be higher than average. A plumber in West Virginia on the other hand will not need to make as much to live a comfortable life.

If you are considering moving out of state for a plumbing job, just make sure you are aware of the cost-of-living for that state. Then analyze the salary you were offered with that state to make sure it is affordable.

Certifications and licensing also play a big part in earnings. The more training and certification you receive to prove your skills as a plumber, the more marketable you become. With that comes better job offers and higher wages.

Along with the certifications and licensing, you also need to be aware that some states do require licensing as well. Read our guide on becoming a plumber to find out more about the recommended steps to take for this career.

Finally, there is experience. Someone in the field 10+ years will be earning much more than someone working for 2 years. So, be sure you are in it for the long-haul to get the wages that pay the most.

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