Las Vegas High School Students Welcomed At New Trades High School

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The future of learning is ready and waiting for the kids of Las Vegas.

On August 7th, the doors will open and the very first students of the Southern Nevada Trades High School will walk through the doors. Not like any other local high school, it focuses on career technical education (CTE).

It was inspired by a similar school in Reno that has already proven successful, Ace High School.

Students will experience learning in the classroom, workshops, and even on job-sites. This will all take place alongside traditional academics that prepare students for college or a career.

Students will be introduced to a variety of construction trades that will prepare them for a workforce that is greatly lacking in workers.

Julie Carver, Executive Director of SNTHS states “We will have an integrated curriculum so the students don’t say “why am I learning this”, I want to learn construction. So in our math, English, and history classes we will have lessons about the impact of construction and how that goes across the curriculum.”

The school is located in a renovated church and features state of the-art workshop facilities for students to work in.

The school has partnered up with local businesses in the construction industry to be able to offer internships for older students. This can open many doors for students to kick-start that career right out of high school.

Some of the many partners include the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association, Hirschi Companies, and Cooper Roofing and Solar. The donors are what allows the school to do what it does and includes many local businesses.

The schools is a FREE public charter high school and is open to the public through their online application.

You can learn more about the school at

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