No Degree Jobs That Are Surging In Demand

If you have no skills or education, there are still job opportunities waiting for you. These jobs are undergoing immense growth and need workers.

Jill Caren
By Jill Caren
Updated February 8th, 2024

Whether you are just starting out, or looking for a job change, these jobs are waiting for you to apply. These may not all be dream jobs, or life-long careers, but they are great opportunities for those with little education or skills.

The jobs on this list are adding the most new jobs that you can do with a high-school diploma. Some may require certification or a special license, but most can be obtained in a short time and with minimal education. They are also a great option to extra money while attending a vocational school to learn a trade.

Home Health and Personal Care Services

home health aide helping elderly woman with glasses
Health care aid helping elderly women. Image credit: opencam / Depositphotos

These jobs are expected to see a 21.7% growth in job opportunities. By 2023 it is expected that 4,520,100 workers will be employed in the field, an increase of 804,600. The median annual wage for workers in this field is $30,180.

An aging population is contributing to the incredible growth in this field. Your days may include doing light housework, providing companionship, or doing shopping. Clients will usually be elderly and need help with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, or getting to doctors’ appointments.

Restaurant Cooks

cooks working in resturant
Cooks working in diner restaurant. – Image credit: dima_sidelnikov / Depositphotos

It is expected we will add 277,600 restaurant cooks to the workforce by 2032. This is a 20.4% increase from todays number. Average median salary is $34,110 annually.

Unlike chefs, restaurant cooks require little to no education. They usually work in family restaurants, amusement parks, or in facilities. All you need is a love of cooking.


Currently there are 2,851,600 people employed as stockers in the US. It is expected that by 2032 we will add 178,600 people to this number, or a 6% increase in stocker jobs. Average median salary for a stocker is $34,220 annually.

Stockers will work to fill order for customers. They may work in a warehouse or a store environment. Duties may range from driving equipment to pricing products or doing picking and packing work. As retail grows online, this job will continue to be needed in large numbers.

Laborers and Material Movers

construction with a forklift

Current number of workers is 2,988,500 and is expected to surge to 3,147,300 by 2032, which is 158,800 new jobs. Median salaries come in around $36,110 annually.

These workers handle the movement of materials like freight or luggage. Workers may be employed in warehouses, transportation companies, or for delivery services.

Light Truck Driver

It is expected that 133,800 new jobs will be added to this field. Currently 1,164,600 people work as a light truck driver. The median salary for a light truck driver is $40,410. You will need a good drivers license for this job.

These are people that will drive a truck, van, or other vehicle to move packages around. Employment in trucking company, automotive parts facility, or courier service are common.

Medical Assistant

medical assistant helping patient
Medical assistant helping patient. – Image credit: SimpleFoto / Depositphotos

Another job that will grow due to an aging population. It is expected that 105,900 new jobs will be added by 2032. An average median salary is $38,270, but will vary depending on where you work.

One of the few on the list that might require a little additional education, but not much. Some employers will hire you with just a high-school diploma. As a medical assistant you will handle a lot of administrative tasks regarding patient records, schedule appointments, and more.

Truck Drivers

truck driver long haul away from home

With an annual median salary of $49,920 and an expected growth in jobs of 89,300 – it has never been a better time to be a truck driver.

Heavy duty truck drivers are in-demand and many employers are paying great sign-on bonuses. You will need a CDL and have a clean driving record. Jobs can take you local or cross-country to deliver goods.

Construction Laborers

construction worker cleaning road
Construction laborers cleaning. – Image credit: chrissi / Depositphotos

Definitely one of the more manual jobs, but it requires no formal education or training. With an estimated 61,900 more jobs being added through 2032, there is also a lot of opportunity. Median wages are $40,750 for construction labors across all industries.

Construction laborers do basic tasks on a construction site. Tasks may include digging trenches, cleaning debris, put up scaffolding, and so much more.

First Line Supervisor for Food Prep & Servers

restaurant worker
Restaurant supervisor on tablet. – Image credit: Natasha Fedorova / Depositphotos

Roughly 60,000 new jobs are expected to be added to the current workforce of 1,221,700. The median salary for a line-supervisor is $37,050 annually.

Working in a restaurant requires strong management and teamwork. As a first-line supervisor in a food establishment you will supervise the cooks and servers to ensure customers are happy.

Industrial Machinery Mechanic

industrial machinery mechanic at work
Industrial machinery mechanic checking machine. – Image credit: michaeljung / Depositphotos

With an annual median salary of $59.830, this job pays higher than many others. With an expected 14.9% growth rate (59,900 new jobs) there is plenty of opportunity to start in a new line of work.

Industrial machinery mechanics are responsible for maintaining equipment in factories. Daily duties may include testing & diagnostics, repair, reading of technical manuals, and cleaning machinery.

Medical Careers With No Four Year Degrees Required

dialysis technician at work with patient
Image credit: SimpleFoto via Depositphotos

If the idea of working in the medical field excites you , but the thought of a four-year degree doesn’t, you will be happy to know you have options. Careers as a phlebotomist, sterile processing technician, and more are in-demand and require no extensive education. Check out all the medical certification trades to find one that interests you.

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