Arizona Trade & Vocational Schools

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So, you are beginning your search for a trade school in Arizona! That is exciting news!

Whether you are looking to attend a school in a big city like Phoenix, or in a smaller, more rural area there are definitely options. Our list of schools provides some of the most important information you may want to know before making a decision to enroll. From net price to total enrollment, you can find the best match for your needs. Our data is updated annually so you can be assured the information is as accurate as possible.

So, scroll through the list, see which ones sound like good possibilities and reach out to the school for more information.

No matter which choice you make, just know that attending trade school in the Grand Canyon State is a great choice for a brighter future!

Arizona Trade Schools

The vocational schools listed below are in alphabetical order and include programs from barber to welding and everything in between. No matter what career you are interested, there will be a vocational school just for you in Arizona!

Our partner schools are those that we do receive a commission for, but they are amazing schools with lots of opportunities in all different vocations. Just click a button to reach out to any school to learn more about them.

Trade Schools By City In Arizona

Are you looking for a vocational school in a specific city in Arizona? Below are some of the cities that offer the most opportunities for those looking for a technical or trade school.


Partner Trade Schools Near You In Arizona

Already have an idea of what kind of vocational training program you are looking for? Our partner schools are a great place to start!

Go ahead and select a program, enter your zip and find the schools that are closest to you in what is known as the Grand Canyon State.

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Additional Vocational Schools In Arizona

The  data below is from the Integrated Postsecondary Education System (IPEDS) which is a great resources for finding trade schools all over the country.

The information shows some of the most important items you may consider when choosing a school. Much more information is provided on the IPEDS website if you want to dive deeper!

APC Crane Training

Address: Various
Cost Range: $3,000-$6,000


APC Crane training offers classroom and field training in classrooms across the country in a variety of cities. They only offer training and certification for crane operators.

Caterpillar Operator Training

Address: Various


Caterpillar offers hands-on and classroom training in their Edwards, Illinois and Tinaja Hills, Arizona facilities.

Commercial Divers International

Address: 4055 South Sarival Avenue, Goodyear, Arizona 85338-3693
Enrollment: 52
Housing: No
Graduation Rate: 88%
Average Net Price: $26,636


This roughly 900 hours of diving training includes coursework and hands-on training in their state of the art facility. Their 2.8 acre facility, offers three 21,000 gallon tanks, a penetration tank, and a 37 acre 60′ deep lake.

All of these provide the best opportunities for beginner divers to practice skills in the most realistic work scenarios.

  • Rigging and seamanship
  • Open water, inland, and enclosed diving
  • Blueprint rigging
  • Hyperbaric chamber operations
  • Surface and underwater cutting and welding
  • Underwater tools
  • Operational planning
  • Blueprint reading

Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB)

Address: Various
Housing: No


CICB has been training crane and rigging professionals since 1969. They have locations in Florida, Texas, and Arizona.

East Valley Institute of Technology

Address: 1601 W Main St, Mesa, Arizona 85201
Enrollment: 252
Housing: No
Graduation Rate: 86%
Average Net Price: NA

HDS Truck Driving Institute

Address: 6251 S. Wilmot Road, Tucson, Arizona 85756
Enrollment: 214
Housing: No
Graduation Rate: 80%
Average Net Price: $19,455.00

International Union of Operating Engineers


With over 1,000 instructors and many locations throughout the United States and Canada, IUOE is a great choice for learning how to handle heavy duty equipment. Each location offers different types of opportunities for training and apprenticeships. Classroom instruction, simulators, and working onsite with an experienced journeyman are all parts of the training you will receive.

Refrigeration School Inc

Address: 4210 E Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034-1816
Enrollment: 1007
Housing: No
Graduation Rate: 67%
Average Net Price: $20,819.00
Programs: / /

Rio Salado College

Address: 2323 W 14th St, Tempe, Arizona 85281
Enrollment: 15682
Housing: No
Graduation Rate: 9%
Average Net Price: $9,426.00

Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery

Address: 1012 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Enrollment: 12
Housing: No
Graduation Rate: 100%
Average Net Price: $22,483.00

Sonoran Desert Institute

Address: 1555 W University Dr., Suite 103, Tempe, Arizona 85281
Enrollment: 3009
Housing: No
Graduation Rate: 61%
Average Net Price: $16,692.00

United Education Institute – UEI College – Phoenix

Address: 9215 N. Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix, Arizona 85021-2718
Enrollment: 1441
Housing: No
Graduation Rate: 42%
Average Net Price: $33,574.00

United Education Institute-UEI College-Mesa

Address: 1420 W. Southern Avenue, Suite D, Mesa, Arizona 85202
Enrollment: 361
Housing: No
Graduation Rate: NA
Average Net Price: NA

Universal Technical Institute

Enrollment: 1341
Housing: No
Graduation Rate: 49%
Average Net Price: $23,474.00


Universal Technical Institute has several locations across the United States. Each location offers programs in different trade skills which include automotive, welding, motorcycle, and even Nascar! Visit their main website to find the location and program that is right for you!

School data shown on this listing is for the Southern California location.

Western Maricopa Education Center

Address: 6997 N Glen Harbor Blvd, Glendale, Arizona 85307
Enrollment: 247
Housing: No
Graduation Rate: NA
Average Net Price: NA
Programs: / / /

Yuma Truck Driving School

Address: 3180 E. 32nd Street Yuma, AZ 85365