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Hey there, folks! Have you decided what trade career is right for you and are ready to find the best trade school to get the training you need?

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Our comprehensive list of trade schools will allow you to find a school near you in the field you are most interested in.

This list is exclusively trade + technical schools!

There are no community or 4-year colleges on this list.


Because we believe a focused trade school for the career you want to get into is the best path.

So, roll up your sleeves and get researching to find the best trade school for you!

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How Many Trade Schools Are There?

According to IBIS World, there are an estimated 7,109 trade schools in the United States. This means you have plenty of opportunities to learn any trade you want all across the US!

There has been minimal growth in the number of schools over the past 5 years.

California, Texas, and Florida round out the top 3 states with the most trade schools.

Can I Learn A Trade At A Community College?

Absolutely! There are tens of thousands of community colleges across the country that offer great vocational training programs.

Some will offer certificate programs and others Associate degree programs – both which can be a great way to get into your field of choice.