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Does USPS Drug Test?

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By Jill Caren
Updated July 21st, 2023
getting a drug test done usps

If working for the USPS is on your list of possibilities, then you may be wondering does USPS drug test after hire. Whether you are looking to become a mailman, office worker or sorter – a drug test might be in your future.

We have dug deep to try and find the latest updates on their drug testing policies and procedures so you can be prepared before you apply.

Does USPS Drug Test?

Yes, USPS does normally do drug testing on potential new hires. Applicants go through a pre-screening process that includes the interview, drug screening as well as a background check. A more in-depth background is check once a job offer has been made.

But, in recently it seems like they have not been doing drug testing. Since COVID hit there are many new hires reporting there has been no drug testing done. This can be due to many reasons and can of course change at any time, so be aware!

Drug testing and a background test were common after an applicant made it to the USPS pre hire list.

Will failing a drug test affect future employment?

The last thing you want to do is fail the drug test. This may affect how you are seen at work and put you in the spotlight of management for closer watching in the future.

But, the USPS does have something called the Last Chance Agreement.

This agreement will offer an employee the opportunity to improve their behaviors which can include a drug rehabilitation program or other efforts to stop doing drugs. Then they can retake the drug test in an effort to remain in their job.

An actual last chance agreement story.

In one case a female employee was found to be drinking on the job. Instead of termination she was offered a last chance agreement. The agreement required her to acknowledge what she was done and then for the next 2 years she would be submit to random drug and alcohol tests. If she tested positive she would be terminated. A year later she did in fact test positive and was removed from her position. She tried to fight in court and lost.

A last change agreement is a legal document so be sure you read it carefully before signing it.

Many have noted in various forums and groups that after they received a last chance agreement they were ultimately terminated. This agreement is a true “last chance” so if you care about your job, abide by the rules!

Does the post office drug test regularly?

No, there is no formal schedule for drug testing. Most will be tested during the interview process and there may be circumstances where existing employees are tested, but there is not a schedule of tests times.

Does USPS Give Drug Tests To Part-time Workers?

No, part-time USPS workers are not required to submit to drug testing.

Does USPS do random drug testing?

It is very rare for the USPS to do random drug tests, but it can happen.

The most common scenario for a drug test to be done on a current employee is if there is an injury on the job. A drug test at the time of injury will ensure that the injury was not drug related but a true work related injury.

If drugs are found in the system of the injured employee, USPS has the right to refuse Workman’s Compensation.

Random test may also be done if management sees sign an employee is under the influence. If there is a change in work habits, personality or the overall demeanor of the employee seems different a drug test may be requested.

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What Kind of Drug Test Does USPS Do?

USPS typically uses urine testing for their drug test process.

The test will usually look for the following drugs:

  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine
  • Barbiturates
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Hydrocodone

If you are taking any drugs prescribed by a doctor that may affect your drug test, it is important you are up front and honest. Be sure to let the hiring manager know and offer to provide them the prescription from your doctor.

If you are a current employee, it is best to also let your manager know that you are on a prescription so they are aware in the event a random drug test is done.

Additional Resources

If you are looking for more information on “does the postal service drug test” below is additional reading to that can offer more insight.

In this Reddit thread there are plenty of people that have noted they work or recently worked for the USPS and have not been drug tested. It is believed that since COVID there has not been a lot done in the way of drug testing. Even new hires are noting that they have not been required to do it.

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