Walmart Orientation: What To Expect

Jill Caren
By Jill Caren
Updated December 17th, 2023

Whether you’ve already accepted a position with Walmart or are investigating job opportunities, you may be wondering what to expect from the Walmart hiring process.

Onboarding processes like orientations are a great introduction to the workplace culture and understanding the inner workings of the company. 

If you’re considering a job with Walmart, you may have questions such as “how long is orientation at Walmart?” as well as many others.

In this article, we cover some need-to-know information about Walmart’s orientation and hiring processes. Whether you starting as a cashier or a Walmart cart pusher, the below can help you understand what to expect during – and after the Walmart hiring process.

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The Walmart Hiring Process

If you’ve yet to begin your application process for a position with Walmart, you may be wondering how the hiring process works. Read the quick rundown below to know what to expect. 


Everything kicks off with your application. If you think Walmart is right for you, get started by using the Walmart application portal or applying in a local store near you. 

Online Assessment

Once you’ve passed the initial application phase, Walmart will request that you complete an online assessment. The nature of the questions and structure depends on the position you apply for. 

Follow on-screen instructions carefully and answer all questions to the best of your ability to pass to the next phase of the hiring process. 

Initial Interview

After candidates pass the online assessment, Walmart uses interviews to narrow down the hiring pool. The first interviews usually consist of a best-of-three elimination process, so prepare answers for potentially tricky interview questions to be ready. 

Second Round Interview

Once the hiring team selects desirable candidates from the first interview round, those candidates will receive a call to schedule the second interview. During this interview, analyzers critically examine a candidate’s skills and abilities. 

Walmart Orientation

When candidates pass the second round of interviews, Walmart may extend job offers to these candidates.

In this stage, candidates will receive information related to: 

  • Job description 
  • Offered salary (most jobs will be minimum wage, but experience may bring higher wages)
  • Background checks
  • Drug screening
  • Orientation information
  • Legal documents
  • And more

Candidates will receive a call for orientation after completing all necessary prescreening procedures, such as a drug test, background check, etc. 

Does Walmart Drug Test At Orientation?

Walmart does not drug test as an official part of an orientation.

But, they do reserve the right to do a drug test at any time if they believe there is an issue with drug use.

What to Wear to Walmart Orientation

If you’ve received your orientation call, it’s time to prepare. Begin by knowing what you will wear to your Walmart orientation program. 

Your orientation coordinator may have specifics regarding your required dress. In general, however, it pays to follow a professional dress code and wear a solid-color shirt with black or grey trousers. 

Walmart Orientation Start Times

Walmart doesn’t offer specific schedules for new hire orientation programs. Because new hires happen all the time, upper management and qualified staff must adapt orientation schedules to flexible hours.

Typically, though, most upper management staff are on location during day shift hours. As a result, you can expect most orientation programs to begin at or after 8 AM on weekdays. 

How Long is Walmart Orientation? 

Due to the changeable nature of employee and management schedules, the duration of any Walmart orientation program may vary from others.

A standard orientation program runs for a three-day course, but some programs may take up to five days to complete. Be prepared to start work as soon as possible and incorporate how long Walmart orientation is into your schedule planning. 

What Happens During Walmart Orientation? 

Walmart’s new hire orientation program includes a packed schedule of various training programs and classes. In addition to sales training, new Walmart team members may learn: 

  • Policies and procedures
  • An understanding of employee benefits
  • Workplace health education, including beneficial exercises, safe lifting practices, and more
  • Workplace communication skills and policies
  • Workplace safety
  • Loss prevention techniques
  • And more

Does Walmart Pay You For Orientation?

Yes, you will get paid for attending Walmart orientation. Once you are scheduled for an orientation, you are considered one of the newest Walmart employees, so congratulations!

The details of the orientation process may vary a bit from location to location and for job levels. All the information here is based on standard Walmart hiring and orientation processes.

Walmart pays fairly well, but you can also check out some other high paying retail jobs if you are still considering options!

Does Walmart Pay Weekly or Bi-weekly?

Walmart pays their employees bi-weekly.

Does Walmart Offer Employee Discounts?

Yes, Walmart currently offers all employees a 10% discount.

How to Prepare for Walmart Orientation

Preparing for success in and beyond the Walmart orientation program involves a lot more than just dressing the part. Keep reading to learn how to give yourself a professional edge and build a foundation for success before your first actual day on the job. 

Research Company Policies, History, and Culture

The most important thing you can do to prepare yourself for any new job is to familiarize yourself with what it means to work for and with that company.

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the company’s history, including founders, humble beginnings, and growth over the years. Next, check online or ask current employees you know about the workplace culture, management stances, and more. Genuinely get to know Walmart before you sit down at your first orientation class so that you can see those values in action. 

Learn Walmart’s Community Value

Another vital part of success in a career with Walmart or any business is knowing what the company provides for its community. Walmart is more than a well-known retailer. It’s a place of employment for your neighbors, a DIY store for your friends, and a place to build memories and lives for so many others. 

Bring a Notebook

Finally, another great way to prepare for orientation is to bring a pen and a notebook to write in. The orientation coordinators and senior management staff you will interact with during the orientation process will impart valuable information about your job responsibilities, company values, policies, and so much more.

Take notes about this information, write down any questions you may have, and ask them during appropriate times. 

Getting a job at Walmart is a great way to build work experience and offers opportunity for growth. Whether you start as a part-time employee or a managerial position, orientations are a first stop for your training.

Below is a summary of expectations of a Walmart orientation:

  • Walmart orientation start times may vary, depending on location and staff availability
  • Walmart orientation programs can run for anywhere between three and five days on average
  • Orientation programs offer new employees valuable information about job expectations, company policies, workplace procedures, and more

Below are a few threads from those that have been through the orientation that offer additional insight into the process and expectations.

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After reading about the Walmart hiring process, how long Walmart orientation can take, and how to prepare, you’re all set to begin a new career. If you haven’t applied yet, visit Walmart’s hiring portals to get started. 

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